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December 26, 2012

All of you folks who have critiqued an edited clip on several conservative sites about my comments regarding guns, please watch the entire clip at my new Tumblr, Things People Say . I decided to chronicle all of the hate email and twitter comments I received as my comments were selectively edited to make me seem like a real racist.  The comments were cut in such a way to distort the context, a response to a panelist who brought up the Black Panthers on The Melissa Harris Perry Show

The video has context of why I said what I did is clear. It was in response to a Psychiatrist from Vanderbilt. Please folks, learn how to listen, and not believe everything you hear from right wing sites who want to increase their traffic over fake outrage. Breitbart may be dead, but his tactics live on. And if you want to read something about Gun Control and Racism, click here.

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